Central Park hosts Doggie Moms

Doggie Moms

Doggie Moms come to Central Park

This coming Wednesday, dog lovers can meet special guest stars of the TV reality show “Doggie Moms” at Tavern on the Green (67th Street off Central Park West) from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (weather permitting). The show follows a group of New York City women whose lives revolve around their dogs – doggie dates, birthday parties, weddings, meet-ups, pageants, fashion shows, costume contests, fundraisers, you name it. These doggie moms are tenacious about ensuring the best for their babies, pinning all of their hopes and dreams on their four-legged, furry “children.” NYC Media will be present to issue prizes for the best dressed canine and the most decorated leash. Don’t forget to grab some Turkish tacos, dumplings or gourmet ice cream from the food trucks in Tavern’s courtyard if you get hungry.

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Central Park reopened, several trees lost

Central Park has reopened after Hurricane Irene hit New York City this past weekend. The Central Park Conservancy, the non-profit that provides approximately 85% of the park’s budget via collected donations, is currently heading cleanup efforts. The storm took down 25 trees and about 30 more had to be cut down due to small crack that might have resulted in accidents later on. The cleanup won’t stop there however.

“Now we’re inspecting the rest of the park. Starting with all the high use areas, going to all the playgrounds, all the well used entrances. Then we will move out form there until we inspect the entire park. We have 24,000 trees to take a look at in Central Park so we’re going be busy for a while making sure people are safe,” said Central Park Conservancy President Douglas Blonsky in an interview with NY1.

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Central Park areas closed today for clean up.

In order to clean up after Hurricane Irene, The Central Park drives are closed to vehicular traffic today. Ballfields, bowling greens, and visitor centers, including Tavern on the Green, the Dairy, and North Meadow Recreation Center will also be closed today.

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Bon Jovi in Central Park

The Great Lawn

Bon Jovi to perform at The Great Lawn

It’s official! Bon Jovi will be performing a free concert in Central Park at the Great Lawn on July 12th at 8pm.

“We’ve gotten the chance to bookend what is the most successful tour in the world this year with a free concert for anyone in New York,” frontman Jon Bon Jovi said at a news conference alongside New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and other officials. “I just travelled the world again, and New York is still the greatest city in the world.”

Fans can start entering the Great Lawn area at 2 p.m. 60,000 tickets have been made available at the city’s ballparks. Though the event is free, concert go-ers must have tickets.

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Bethesda Terrace musicians asked to quiet down

Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

Central Park has always been home to musicians and street performers but New York City’s Parks Department recently designated one of the park’s most popular spots for performers a Quiet Zone which makes it against the law to play a musical instrument or amplified sound. Police have already issued tickets and some performers feel their first amendment rights are being violated.

Vicki Karp, a spokeswoman for the Parks Department, explains that musicians can use other parts of the park but that they should get used to sharing the space.

“Parks are one of the few places you can come and hear the soothing sounds of nature — bird songs, falling water, the wind in the leaves, human conversation,” she wrote in an e-mail. “It is not that we are not allowing music or loud sound. It is that we are also allowing quiet, which isn’t automatic in this city.”

There have been some speculations that Central Park may soon have a dining area below Bethesda Terrace and that this is the reason for the sound regulation.

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John Lennon’s 70th Birthday Celebrated in Central Park

Strawberry Fields in Central Park

Lennon Tribute in Central Park

Thousands of fans from all over the world gathered Saturday in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields to sing Beatles songs on John Lennon’s 70th birthday.

“His music speaks to people of any nation, any age, and that’s why I think so many young people now who never would have known him still find him so appealing,” said Karen Kriendler Nelson, 69, who lives nearby and often visits the mosaic that spells out Lennon’s song “Imagine.”

Police put up barracades to contain the fans as they layed down flowers, sang and shared a message of peace.

“The values Lennon defended are still alive,” said Joan Acarin, a 41-year-old attorney from Barcelona. “It’s the idea that we do not have to fight wars.”

Lennon was shot across the street from Central Park in 1980. Strawberry Fields was subsequently named for and dedicated to him.

Quotes courtesy of the Associated Press.

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