Rock Climbing in the Park

Rockclimbing in Central Park
A climber attempts to scale Rat Rock.

The park has become popular in recent years with rock climbers. Though there are no large cliffs anywhere on the grounds, it’s an excellent place for those who enjoy bouldering. Bouldering enthusiasts focus on smaller rocks around 10ft and attempt to solve “problems” as they climb. In theory, a small rock can become quite challenging if the climber chooses to attempt a certain path. Below we’ve compiled a map of the park’s best climbing locations.

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Rat Rock

Rat Rock is named for the hordes of rodents that used to be found there and is most suitable for beginners. Look for the Y-Crack rock just next to Rat Rock for another interesting challenge.

Chess Rock

Chess Rock is a lesser known beginner boulder located next to the Chess and Checkers House.

Cat Rock

Named for the feral cats that used to live under the boulder. Various options for climbing here the most obvious is on the south side. This boulder is appropriate for advanced beginners / intermediate climbers.

Worthless Boulder

Sadly this rock gets its name in reference to the homeless people that sleep in the North Woods to this day. This area has some of the best bouldering in the park as it is a little out of the way. Best to climb this one with a friend. Well suited for intermediate to advanced climbers. Be sure to check out the Block House while you’re here. Dating back to the Revolutionary War, it’s one of two buildings within Central Park that predate it.