No really, Spring is here!

Iris-reticulata grow despite snowfall in Central Park.

The New York Observer spoke for most of us when they published an article a few days back reflecting upon the abundance of snowy, cold and rainy, or merely freezing days we’ve had recently. Where is spring? Prosecutors in Ohio were so upset by it’s absence that they filed a legal brief to sue, Groundhog’s Day darling, Punxsutawney Phil. Yet as, the Observer notes, the Central Park Conservancy has faith that better days are on their way.

An email blast from the Conservancy told us that they are turning on park fountains, planting 57,000 flowers with 850 tons of mulch, readying 1,400 sprinklers, laying down 200 tons of pebble on park paths, packing down 500 tons of clay on the ballfields, and filling up playground sandboxes with 108 tons of sand.

The Observer lightly pokes fun at their optimism but those folks at the Conservancy aren’t schlubs. If they say things are ready to grow, they are ready to grow. And in case any of you are in doubt, they’ve added a few pictures to their Pinterest to prove it. Here are a few of the photos they shared. Hopefully they fill you with warmth.

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