Overheard in Central Park – Top 10

Publishers Michael Malice and S. Morgan Friedman are behind a popular New York City blog called Overheard in New York. The site regularly posts snippets of conversations heard in passing all over New York. Below you will find our ten favorite posts that came from conversations in Central Park:

I Love My Custodial Weekends
Whiny four-year-old boy: Daaad! I’m bored!
Dad: We came here to be bored.

I Sometimes Despair of Ever Closing the Vast Chasm Between the Races
White girl #1: Dude, I just knocked off work.
White girl #2: Where you working?
White girl #1: The florist.
White girl #2: Dude, that’s pretty gangster.

Isn’t That Why We Come Here? –Central Park Zoo
Creepster #1: Jesus, all the people who come to the zoo smell like shit.
Creepster #2: Or maybe that’s just the zoo…

Remembrance of Things Pissed
Teen boy #1, pointing to a bush: That’s where we peed last time.
Teen boy #2: Really?

But at Least You’ve Gotten That Whole “Chicken of the Sea” Thing Straight Now, Right?
Girl #1: I am, like, so dumb. I mean, really dumb. People look at me and think I’m dumb.
Girl #2: Yeah…

That Poor Blow-Up Doll
Chick #1: I think he beats her, you know.
Chick #2: No!
Chick #1: Yeah. But that’s just, like, how boys get out their frustration.

To Be Fair, No One Knows Why Bob Saget Has a Career
Little Asian girl: But why?
Mom: I don’t know, honey.
Little Asian girl: But why?
Mom: I just said that I don’t know!
Little Asian girl: But why don’t you know, Mommy?
Mom: Because Mommy’s stupid.

Um, I Created a Life.
Stuffy white lady pushing stroller, to friend: I can’t believe people are actually taking Justin Timberlake seriously these days.
Hipster crossing East: He brought sexy back, bitch! What the hell did you do?

She’s Imagining a Future Without Him – Strawberry Fields
College-Aged guy: “Imagine”?? I don’t get it. What am I supposed to imagine?
Girlfriend: Shhh, let’s go!

Do You Want to Smell Like Uncle Walter?
Tourist dad: Kids, you have pay attention when we’re in the big city, ’cause…
Daughter: ‘Cause if you don’t you die?
Dad: No, you could get lost and then you’ll become a street person.

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