Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Park Locations

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Central Park is an integral part of the film Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Our guests on the tour and visitors to the website have been asking us specifically about locations for the film so we’ve put together a map of locations used in the film:

Filming Locations in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

You’ll see there are two scenes filmed at The Lake. One takes place on the northwest border of the lake:

lake location

Oscar (Thomas Horn) is on a scavenger hunt that his father (Tom Hanks) has sent him on. At another point in the film we see Horn and Hanks on the southern side of The Lake at a swing set that was brought in just for filming. Behind the swing set we can see The Lake and Bow Bridge.

Hanks and Horn at Bow Bridge

Hanks Swings

In the second image above you can see the orange net in place because of the restoration that is still happening on the southern side of Bow Bridge. Lastly, in another moment of the scavenger hunt we see Oskar down near Wollman Rink scaling one of the park’s prominent natural rock formations.

Horn by Wollman Rink

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Filmed in Central Park: Glee

Hopefully all you Gleeks enjoyed last night’s season premiere of Glee. Lots of romantic surprises, some shaky tryouts, and one of the New Directions gets banned from glee club. McKinley High is more determined than ever to reach Nationals this year after last year’s disappointment. You may recall that the season finale (the Nationals episode) was filmed in New York City and Central Park got its fair share of camera time.

The Central Park Mall
The Central Park Mall

While they were supposed to be working on their original songs, the glee club hit the town and went to Times Square, Lincoln Center, Washington Square Park and the Central Park Mall as they sang “I Love New York/New York, New York”:

The Central Park Mall was designed as a promenade for people to come and show off their best clothes. Yes, life in the 1860s was a little different! At one point there was a gazebo at the end of the mall. On the weekends the area was full of New Yorkers listening to music.

Later in the episode, Finn returns to Central Park to meet Rachael for a “work date” which later turns into a real date. The work date begins on Bow Bridge:

Bow Bridge
Bow Bridge

It’s not the first time this gorgeous cast-iron bridge, one of the park’s last remaining original bridges, has been used in a film. It was also used in Autumn in New York, Keeping The Faith, Spiderman 3, Uptown Girls and television shows Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, and Will and Grace. The bridge connects Cherry Hill to The Ramble and rowboats and gondolas frequent the lake below. Check it out here in the Glee-wind of the Season 2 finale.

We also found this clip of the actors filming on the bridge:

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