Central Park reopened, several trees lost

Central Park has reopened after Hurricane Irene hit New York City this past weekend. The Central Park Conservancy, the non-profit that provides approximately 85% of the park’s budget via collected donations, is currently heading cleanup efforts. The storm took down 25 trees and about 30 more had to be cut down due to small crack that might have resulted in accidents later on. The cleanup won’t stop there however.

“Now we’re inspecting the rest of the park. Starting with all the high use areas, going to all the playgrounds, all the well used entrances. Then we will move out form there until we inspect the entire park. We have 24,000 trees to take a look at in Central Park so we’re going be busy for a while making sure people are safe,” said Central Park Conservancy President Douglas Blonsky in an interview with NY1.

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Central Park areas closed today for clean up.

In order to clean up after Hurricane Irene, The Central Park drives are closed to vehicular traffic today. Ballfields, bowling greens, and visitor centers, including Tavern on the Green, the Dairy, and North Meadow Recreation Center will also be closed today.

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