Central Park Reopens after Hurricane Sandy

Thanks to the tireless work of the Central Park Conservancy, Central Park is reopened as of today. Certain areas of the park will remain closed while work continues. Over 550 trees were destroyed or damaged due to Hurricane Sandy

On another note, the New York City Marathon has been canceled. Mayor Bloomberg had intended to move forward with the event as it would bring the city much needed revenue however many believed that the marathon would divert much needed police and resources away from those who were still suffering the effects of our recent disaster.

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Benches completely destroyed

Central Park closed due to Hurricane Sandy

Central Park took a beating Monday as Superstorm Sandy descended upon New York City. City officials closed the park in Sunday in anticipation to protect pedestrians from falling branches and to prepare as much as possible for the oncoming storm. Unfortunately, when all was said and done, over 250 mature trees were uprooted or compromised, countless benches and fences destroyed, serious damage to the park’s ballfields, and many of the structures built for the New York City Marathon collapsed.

“It’s looking pretty bad,” a Central Park Conservancy employee told a reporter from the New Yorker. “There are a lot of downed trees, a lot of snapped trees, a lot of trees uprooted.”

Doug Blonsky, the head of the Central Park Conservancy, alerted would be park-goers yesterday that Conservancy staff are clearing roads and pruning limbs as quickly as possible in an effort to have the park open for the New York City Marathon which takes place on November 4th. The finish line for the marathon is in front of Tavern on the Green.

Hopefully, they will meet their deadline but for now, the park remains closed until further notice.

Contractors, supervised by Conservancy staff, have helped to clean and restore the Park. 1121

Benches completely destroyed

The tent for the New York City marathon

An uprooted tree completely crushed a pipe rail fence in Memorial Grove

Trees blocking Park paths have been prioritized for removal.

Downed trees everywhere

Pictures via Central Park Conservancy and Business Insider

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