Central Park jokester catches some spotlight.

Jason Schneider
Jason Schneider guaranteeing good times.

We’ve seen him several time while giving our Central Park tour. Now, Jason Schneider’s getting some well deserved attention for his Central Park comedy act. We typically see Jason in the Mall with his sign which says: $1 Jokes Laughter Guaranteed. Recently the Daily News published an article about the “unemployed joke writer” who’s making a living telling dollar jokes:

-Who did the promiscuous cow sleep with?
-Udderly everyone.
And this:
-What do you call Chewbacca when he’s working with clay?
-“Hairy” Potter.
Didn’t laugh? The investment in a chuckle is risk-free.
“In the beginning, sometimes people asked for their money back,” Schneider said about the jokes that faltered.
“Even now, if they don’t laugh, I make them take their money back. It keeps me on my toes.”

The young comic seems to do pretty well getting people to laugh. He says that even if they don’t ask for a refund, he’ll give them one if they don’t laugh just to keep on his toes.

Check out some of jokes from his website, parkjokes.com:

Park Jokes Epsiode 12 from Jason Schneider on Vimeo.

And his video from NYDailyNews.com:

Jason’s comedy can also be found at: jscomedy.com.

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