This Saturday: Great day to own (or be) a dog

My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair
My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair

It’s hard to own a dog in New York. Finding an apartment that allows you to bring your canine friend can be difficult, particularly if you have a larger dog. Then of course there’s following your dog around with a bag when you walk them. Saturday will be no different… as far as the bag goes. But this Saturday the city will give back to those who are faithful to man’s best friend by throwing the “My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair.”

Ok, ok, they probably could have spent a little more time on the title, but it seems the event itself will be pretty spectacular:

My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair
Naumburg Bandshell (Mid-Park at 72nd Street)
Saturday, September 24, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm (weather permitting; no rain date.)

Mark your calendars, and don’t forget to bring Sparky (on leash, please)! Central Park Paws, a program of the Central Park Conservancy, invites dogs and owners of all ages to celebrate Central Park’s vibrant dog community and promote responsible stewardship of the Park at our 9th Annual My Dog Loves Central Park Country Fair. This free event features:

…THE BEST IN PARK DOG SHOW under the direction of David Muriello of Bisquits & Bath. Dogs and owners who show good dog behavior in three preliminary rounds throughout the day will compete for the title of 2011 Best in Park Dog at 2:30 pm,

…GAMES AND CONTESTS hosted by emcee Jeremy Johnson on the Bandshell stage where dogs can “strut their stuff,”

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, animal advocate, star of the reality TV series THE BACHELOR, founder/President of Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa products
Karen Biehl, star of NYC Life’s reality series “Doggie Moms,” owner of Eli the Celebrity Chihuahua, committee member of NYC 4 ACC, supporter of animal charities and events
Wendy Diamond, pet lifestyle guru, media personality, and founder/editor of ANIMAL FAIR magazine
Julia Szabo, a.k.a. Pet Reporter, the author of six books and the daily “Living With Dogs” column for

…A TOP TIPS TENT, where experts will offer demonstrations and advice on a range of topics,


Lend us a hand on event day! Learn how to volunteer here.

Learn more about dogs in Central Park here.

No advance registration. For more information, call 212-360-1461.

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Tropical Bird survives Hurricane Irene in Central Park

Male Cockatiel
Cockatiel survives Hurricane Irene, finds refuge in Central Park

F3CNUP5PVPJ7: Josie the cockatiel joins the rank of beloved creatures with ties to Central Park. For some time the media reported on the Central Park peacock, the Central Park wolf, and the Central Park lamb. Now, we present, the Central Park Cockatiel. Our friends over at recently shared the tale.

A routine trip to the vet went bad when Jim DiGiovanni, an Upper West Side resident, accidentally opened his bird carrier on the street while trying to check that it was securely shut. His pet cockatiels, Cliffy and Josie, flew away. He and his partner immediately started papering the area with signs.

Missing Cockatiels
Josie and Cliffy, The Missing Cockatiels

The first call they received was unfortunate. Cliffy had been found wounded. DiGiovanni rushed the bird to the vet but it was too late. It seemed all was lost for Josie too when Hurricane Irene rolled into New York. The owners assumed they’d never see their bird again. But they were wrong. They received a call from The Central Park Conservancy. Josie had been found. A veterinarian got to work flushing out pebbles and bits of metal that the bird tried to eat. He was dehydrated and almost half the weight he was before he was lost but in the end, Josie pulled through. The owners were told that he may have survived due to the abundance of water from the hurricane. The vet who treated the bird explained that domesticated birds don’t forage well in the wild and usually suffer from dehydration or malnutrition.

DiGiovanni was so pleased to have Josie back that he’s become a lifetime donor to the Central Park Conservancy. The Conservancy is a non-profit responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the park. They provide 85% of Central Park’s budget.

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