Video of Black Eyed Peas in Central Park

Black Eyed Peas fans weren’t about to let the rain drive them away from Friday night’s Central Park concert. The concert was originally scheduled for June 9 on the Great Lawn but was cancelled because of lightening. At the time, thousands of adoring fans shouted “we won’t go” in protest and refused to leave the lawn.

Friday night’s fans cheered just as loudly. As always we’ve scoured the web for the best Youtube bootlegs and this time we’ve struck gold. Not only can you see audience video from the audience but you also get video from the stage! Check it out:

Concert Opening

Will freestyles then sings Imma Be with Taboo, Fergie and Apple

Imma Be

Don’t Stop the Party

Black Eyed Peas Central Park Concert Recorded On Stage by Taboo

Full Concert and Backstage Interviews Recorded by Google

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